Kimchi-Tofu Fried Rice

Kimchi-Tofu Fried Rice (2)

Here’s an honest confession, I love rice, fried rice to be specific. I’m aware that cutting down carbs is one of the keys of this fasting journey and I was sad when I learnt that. If you read about my recipe of Crispy Oriental Chicken, you already know that I don’t believe in 100% cut … Read more

Easy Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole is not just a healthy side dish but also a perfect fasting meal. This side dish is perfect to consume as a main meal if you enjoy it with a slice of rye bread and high protein pancake or smoothie. Easy Guacamole only needs simple ingredients, the biggest challenge would be waiting for the … Read more

Hearty Couscous Bowl

Hearty Couscous (1)

When I started fasting, I told myself that even many people would say you can basically eat anything inside your window time. But I don’t want that, I want to practice a healthy relationship with food as well. So, I’ve decided to create my own simple but healthy meal. I love eggs and I hate … Read more