Kimchi-Tofu Fried Rice

Kimchi-Tofu Fried Rice (2)

Here’s an honest confession, I love rice, fried rice to be specific. I’m aware that cutting down carbs is one of the keys of this fasting journey and I was sad when I learnt that. If you read about my recipe of Crispy Oriental Chicken, you already know that I don’t believe in 100% cut … Read more

Quick Hummus Recipe

Who doesn’t love hummus? Easy to prepare, lasts for a week and very healthy dish for your fasting journey. Hummus is very high in protein, healthy fat, and nutrients. For those doing extensive fasting, hummus and a bread is a great dish to start with when you introducing food in your system again. It’s light … Read more

Delicious Chicken Cajun Spinach Pasta

Delicious Chicken Cajun Spinach Pasta (1)

Are you also feeling bored with teriyaki chicken or pan-fried for high-protein day after a workout? I was feeling the same when I realised that I have cajun seasoning that I barely touched. This dish is high in protein, low-carb, and very tasty. If you have kids, I’m sure they’ll love it too! [mv_create key=”15″ … Read more

Winter Mushroom Lentil

Winter Mushroom Lentil (1)

I live on top of a mountain, where it feels like it’s always winter, this recipe is my go to one when the rain won’t stop pouring and the sky is always grey and heavy. I also like that this recipe is easy to cook in bulk and freeze. If you are in a hurry, … Read more

Summer Garlic Chicken

Summer Garlic Chicken Recipe

Are you feeling the summer vibe yet? Beach, holiday, BBQ at the backyard, cold drinks, and more. If yes, this dish will inspire you to an easy meal to prepare that you can enjoy the summer vibe minus all the uncomfortable smoke and pressure from peer drinking during your fasting journey. This dish was actually … Read more

Crispy Oriental Chicken

Crispy Oriental Chicken (3)

Before we start, I want to get this thing out of the way. This recipe is pan-fry-based and involved more olive oil than usual compared to what I normally use. In the beginning of my fasting journey, I tried to cut unhealthy food 100% but it didn’t work. I was constantly craving for it, frustrated, … Read more

Easy Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole is not just a healthy side dish but also a perfect fasting meal. This side dish is perfect to consume as a main meal if you enjoy it with a slice of rye bread and high protein pancake or smoothie. Easy Guacamole only needs simple ingredients, the biggest challenge would be waiting for the … Read more